Our instruments will reduce the cost and complexity of cell sorting and will be easy to operate, marking a step-change from jet-in-air sorters and eliminating the need for expert operators. In addition, the cell sorting process will be enclosed in a microfluidic cartridge, eliminating the risks associated with biohazardous aerosols, contamination and cross-contamination and enabling novel cell sorting applications.

Our First Product: Highway 1

A cell sorter for every lab: a benchtop instrument with low-cost disposable cartridge; fully automated for the non-expert user.

Product features:

  • 43,000 per second sort envelope rate
  • Sterile fluidic cartridge
  • 1 laser, 2 x scatter, 4 x fluorescence
  • Benchtop, small footprint, no sheath fluid
  • Fully automated: load the cartridge, set the gates, walk away
  • No aerosols; no cleaning, no contamination, no cross-contamination

    Highway 1 product concept: an aseptic cell sorter for every lab. Input and output fluids are entirely contained in the sterile sort cartridge (left), which houses the inertial sorter chip. The instrument (right) houses the optics and electronics.

Specialised Products

Our pipeline of products for specialist applications:

  • Highway 16: high-throughput sorting (sort envelope rate 2.5 billion / hour)
  • Highway GMP-1: the single-stream sorter for the clinic
  • Highway GMP-16: therapeutic sorting of large batches of cells

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate with us on new applications.