Key advantages of the technology for new applications

  • High throughput: sort envelope rates of 43,000 / second for a single-stream instrument, and 2.5 billion / hour for 16X multiplex instrument;
  • Safe, sterile and enclosed: no contamination, cross-contamination or exposure to lab atmosphere;
  • Practical: compact, automated instrument, no expert operator required.

Here are a few of the applications that we are working on.

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Cell therapy

The rapid progress in cell therapy is demanding better therapeutic cell sorting

Cell therapy is moving from crude cell products to defined cell products, while genetic control over T-cell function is becoming ever more sophisticated. Translational researchers seeking to manufacture sophisticated new cell therapies have so far not been able to draw on a suitable cell sorter for therapeutic applications.

We are developing GMP versions of our instrument for therapy manufacturing.

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  • Highway GMP-1: single stream sorter for similar rates to jet-in-air sorters
  • Highway GMP-16: multiplex sorter for processing of the order of one billion cells per hour

Single cell ‘omics prep


Single cell workflows need a practical cell sorter

Depending on your single cell workflow, you may be analysing 102 – 105 cells. But a tissue may contain billions of cells. You need a cell sorter to pre-select cells for analysis. There are already affordable solutions for cell barcoding and sequencing for the individual lab. Why, then, does your lab lack a cell sorter?

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Liquid Biopsy


Isolate an extremely small number of cells from blood for genetic diagnostics

One of the main challenges of working with circulating tumour cells (CTC) or circulating foetal cells (CFC) is sensitivity. Single cell sensitivity is required to isolate 1 – 10 cells in 10 mL of blood for downstream genetic analysis. Current cell sorters are too expensive, require manual handling, and are liable to fail to isolate rare cells. Highway 1 will be able to process the PBMCs of 10 mL of blood in as little as three minutes. Highway 16 could process the PBMCs of a litre of blood in 20 minutes.

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Phenotypic screening


Isolate a rare positive phenotype from a large batch of cells

You may have thousands (or even millions) of compounds to screen in millions (or even billions) of cells. But how can you select the rare subpopulation that shows a positive phenotype? Until now, phenotypic screening has been limited by the sort rate and practicalities of current sorters.

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Work safely with a benchtop sorter in a standard lab

Until now, it hasn’t been possible to sort pathogen-containing cells in Biosafety Level 2 labs because jet-in-air sorters produce aerosols. Our instruments handle biohazards in an enclosed cartridge without the aerosol risk.

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