Meet us at ISCT 2018!

  • TTP will be looking for cell therapy partners and presenting a Cellular Highways poster at ISCT 2018 entitled “A faster GMP cell sorter enabled by a microfluidic inertial vortex.”

Abstract: A new technology for a high-throughput GMP sorter

Many new concepts in cell therapy are hard to manufacture because they require a purification step that is challenging to achieve with any current technology. For example, several T cell therapies must process more than a billion cells at high purity, based on a combination of several molecular markers, in aseptic conditions. For various reasons, these requirements are hard to satisfy with commercial MACS and FACS or related instruments.

To solve this problem, we have invented a new type of fluorescence-based microfluidic cell sorter, to achieve high-throughput therapeutic cell sorting in GMP conditions. The core technology is based on the creation of an inertial vortex in a microfluidic channel by a thermal vapor bubble actuator, and achieves cell processing rates of up to 50 kHz, peak sort rates of 12 kHz in a lab-on-chip device of 250 microns width.

We demonstrate the physical operation of the sorter and experimental results on cells, showing high-fidelity sorting and high viability. We also present our ongoing work to multiplex this sorter technology and create a GMP sorter instrument, to process batches of greater than 109 cells at high purity and yield, in an automated aseptic consumable, and apply the sorter to new cell therapies.

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